What’s New on OTT: Series Releases for the Week of May 15, 2024

What’s New on OTT: Series Releases for the Week of May 15, 2024. As we dive into the middle of May, streaming platforms are serving up a delightful mix of drama, fantasy, and intrigue. Here are the series you won’t want to miss:

Blood of Zeus (Season 2) – Netflix

Release Date: May 15, 2024

Synopsis: In the second season of “Blood of Zeus,” the demigod Heron grapples with the aftermath of Zeus’ demise. A power vacuum among the gods leaves Heron searching for his place, haunted by dreams urging him to save his brother, Seraphim, who suffers in the Underworld. Meanwhile, Hades has his own plans, and the fate of Olympus hangs in the balance. The animation, based on Greek mythology, promises epic battles and divine intrigue.

Bridgerton (Season 3, Part 1) – Netflix

Release Date: May 16, 2024

Synopsis: The Regency-era romance continues as the Bridgerton family faces new challenges. With witty banter, scandalous secrets, and sumptuous costumes, “Bridgerton” remains a captivating watch. Part 1 of Season 3 delves deeper into the lives of the Bridgerton siblings, their love interests, and the glittering world of London’s high society.

Outer Range (Season 2) – Amazon Prime Video

Release Date: May 16, 2024

Synopsis: “Outer Range” returns with more mystery and suspense. Set against the breathtaking Wyoming landscape, the series follows rancher Royal Abbott as he unravels family secrets and encounters strange occurrences. Expect gripping storytelling, stunning visuals, and a touch of the supernatural.

The 8 Show – Hulu

Release Date: May 17, 2024

Synopsis: “The 8 Show” is a mind-bending thriller that explores the interconnected lives of eight strangers across the globe. Each possesses unique abilities, and their destinies collide in unexpected ways. With a diverse ensemble cast and intricate plot twists, this series keeps viewers guessing.

The Big Cigar – HBO Max

Release Date: May 17, 2024

Synopsis: “The Big Cigar” takes us behind the scenes of the glamorous world of Hollywood during the Golden Age. Follow the rise and fall of a charismatic film producer as he navigates ambition, scandals, and power struggles. With stellar performances and a nostalgic vibe, this series offers a peek into Tinseltown’s secrets.

What’s New on OTT: Series Releases for the Week of May 15, 2024.Whether you’re a fan of mythology, romance, mystery, or classic Hollywood glamour, these series have something for everyone. Grab your popcorn and settle in for a binge-worthy week!


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