Stranger Things clock record views.

The words when we hear something related to 1 Billion is shocking. But the word 1 Billion Hours of views may sound astounding but it isn’t impossible.

We are discussing about the Netflix streaming series and their streaming watch hours on the platform.

However, only three series on Netflix have crossed this mark so far. This benchmark was created by the insanely successful Korean series Squid Game.

After the Squid Game, the Stranger Things season 4 did this wonder. Interestingly, the new season was out recently back a few weeks ago. The science fiction show needs no introduction as it is one of the best shows to arrive on Netflix. With in this short period of time, the only season 4 hit the One Billion Hours of watch time on Netflix.

The series managed to clock 1.15 billion watch hours within the first 28 days of each part’s release. Stranger Things became the second series after Squid Game to be the most-watched show on Netflix with this record.

Squid Game, which still retains its top position, after crossing 1.65 billion watch hours in the first 28 days of release.

The series holds the number one spot on the Most Popular English TV List with 1.15Bn hours viewed. Additionally, Seasons 1-3 held their standing on the English TV List – Season 1 with 34.47M hours viewed, Season 2 with 30.26 hours viewed, and Season 3 with 30.28M hours


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