Park Hyung Sik shares he has no other work in hand apart from Doctor Slump

Park Hyung Sik, in a recent interview, reveals that Doctor Slump is the only project in his hand. Read more to know.

Park Shin Hye and Park Hyung Sik appeared on a variety show where they revealed that though they appeared in The Heirs, they had very limited scenes. Park Hyung Sik believes Doctor Slump is his first project with Park Shin Hye. He also shared that he had a busy schedule when he filmed for Heirs, but that wasn’t the case with Doctor Slump.

He also shared that he had to fly to the location to film and click for a peace sign, and flew back to film the other variety shows he signed back in the day. When asked, if he devoted all his time to Doctor Slump or was busy with other shoots, he shared,” This is the only project that I have in my hand now.”.

The actor currently appears in Doctor Slump a doctor and healing drama which also stars Park Shin Hye as the leading lady.

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