Netflix Faces Drastic Fall In Its Subscribers

OTT streaming giant Netflix battles fierce competition and fails in maintaining its glory. As a result, Netflix reported on Tuesday losing more subscribers in a row for the second quarter. Getting into the number, while Netflix lost 200000 subscribers in the first quarter, now again making the situation worse, it lost 970000 subscribers for the second quarter in a row.

By the time this article was written, Netflix held 220.67 million subscribers worldwide. However, with a decrease in its subscribers day by day Netflix India is struggling to either compete with the other leading Indian OTT platforms.

The huge subscription price, as well as its failure to provide regional content, are considered the main reasons for its fall in the country.

Meanwhile, this digital platform is expected to face a loss of 2 million subscribers in the second quarter. But the number was less than expected. However, it isn’t great news as even the number that is lost now is not very small. This continuous fall in Netflix subscribers is a warning sign for this OTT platform to look into its faults.


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