Marry My Husband’s Lee Si Kyung shares his neighbour sweared at him

Lee Yi Kyung is famously known for his role in Welcome To Waikiaki and recently played the role of Park Min-hwan in the drama. The actor in a recent interview shares that his neighbor swore at him, read more to know.

Lee Yi Kyung who played the antagonist in the drama is hated by Kdrama lovers, the actor shared that he came out of his house when one of his neighbors who saw the drama Marry My Husband called him a j*rk. 

The actor shows that he was hurt by the statement, but he shared that as an actor he is content that the audience noticed his work in the drama, which delighted him.

Marry My Husband starring Park Min Young, Lee Yi Kyung, Song Ha Yoon, and Na In Woo, in the lead roles, has gained the highest viewership ratings. The webtoon adapted into a Television drama is a revenge fantasy drama. On the work front, Lee Yi Kyung is working on his upcoming project It’s You Without Bottom or End.

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