Karthikeya 2’s OTT Release Date is Here

It is always a good feeling for the audience and the cinephiles when some unknown movie hits the chord with people all around the country and loots Rs Crores with just minimum publicity. Nikhil Siddartha’s Karthikeya-2 fits perfectly into this category. The film which stars a small-time actor like Nikhil and a relatively unknown director like Chandoo Mondeti has broken many records across the country. Made on just a small budget of Rs 15 Crores, it ransacked a massive Rs 100 Crores with Hindi belt audience making a queue to the theatres based on the mouth publicity. Social media too, was abuzz every day when Karthikeya-2 was playing with people discussing the plotline and the way the project was conceived without deviating.

As for people who didn’t see the film in theatres and are eagerly waiting for an OTT release, the movie team broke the news that the film would be available on the Zee 5 platform from the 5th of next month. Considering the way OTTs are streaming the movies they bought, it must be said that Zee had waited a long time, i.e, more than 6 weeks. Made as a sequel to Karthikeya, the film revolves around the submerged mystical city of Lord Sri Krishna. Although key roles from the first part continue in the second. the story and the plot line are entirely different from the first part. Chandoo Mondeti’s direction, Nikhil and Anupama Parameswaran’s chemistry, Anupam Kher’s perfect cameo, Kalabhairava’s terrific BGM, and Abhishek Arts’ production values.. all together made Karthikeya 2, a milestone film for Tollywood’s 2022.


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