Hollywood Stars Praise Dhanush!

Kollywood star Dhanush recently starred in the Netflix original movie The Grey Man. While the film is gaining good reviews all around the world, the stars of the film including Captain America Chirs Evans and Actress Ana De Armas are all in awe of Dhanush. In a recent interview with an Indian Youtube channel, the stats heaped praises on him. When the interviewer asked them about their experience of working with Dhanush, they replied that he is a thorough professional. “Dhanush is incredible. He is the most patient human being I’ve ever seen” said the actress Ana De Armas. Meanwhile, Chris Evans interrupted her saying that Dhanush is patient, poised, lovely, polite and professional.

“He is very hardworking and I spent endless hours at this stunt facility, that we were training and rehearsing for weeks for this fight scenes and he was focussed and was there, no complaining, no nothing. He was so into it. It was so lovely working with him. It’s so much fun” stated Ana while Chris complimented her saying well said. “He is really a poised man and something about him that’s like an elegance. He sets the bar for professionalism” praised Evans again. The directors Russo brothers who directed films like Avengers: End Game were at the helm for The Grey Man. The movie has a limited theatrical release on the 15th of this month and will be streaming on Netflix from the 22nd.


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