HBD:Yook Sung is the best cheerer of his fans

The BTOB idol Yook Sung Jae turns 28 today. The actor, idol, and singer is known for his polite and joyful nature. 

Sung Jae has appeared in many dramas, and films, performed numerous songs, and also appeared on several variety shows. The actor has proven himself through his incredible performances, but his appearance in the variety shows often reveals his true personality. 

Sung-Jae who has a cheery personality and a smile that lightens his fans’ lives is the biggest cheerleader of his fans. In one of the shows focused on meeting the fans, The Golden Spoon actor makes an effort to encourage and keep his fans going. 

Sung Jae surprises one of his female fans who aspires to be a screenwriter, on the show, Make Your Wish Come True. The Goblin’s Deok-Hwa’s surprise visit makes the fan’s day, as her face is seen beaming with a smile. As the Idol-Fan duo begin conversing, the fan reveals that she is studying to become a screenwriter, who is fascinated with making variety shows. She added, “Initially I had a clear vision, like an ultra-high-definition TV. It used to be very clear, but it is very blur.”. She further added, ” So, I thought I was doing very well, but then I got into college and started studying with people, who have the same dream as me. I realized I wasn’t that outstanding. Especially, once when I was in front of my computer, I couldn’t write a word. At that moment I realized, I wasn’t that good.”.

Yook Sung Jae listened to his fan with great empathy and articulated, “I think you have so many worries at this moment, they say, “Ideas don’t come fully formed.”. He also stated, “Even for us, when we are working on an album, not a single song is completed in one go. It becomes completed through the process, so don’t worry.”. Sungjae is one of those idols known for, not just his songs but also his thoughtful advice he provides to his followers.


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