Gaami on OTT – Vishwak Sen Reveals Interesting Facts About This Fantasy Film

Since its release on Zee5, Gaami has quickly emerged as a phenomenal success, garnering over 60 million streaming minutes within just three days. The film has not only been a hit at the box office but has also made significant waves on the OTT platform. Audiences and critics alike have been abuzz with discussions about Gaami, praising its performances, filmmaking, and engaging storyline.

Vishwak Sen Discusses Gaami’s OTT Release

Gaami, a fantasy drama, was produced on a modest budget of Rs 2 crore. Vishwak Sen, reflecting on the film’s production, revealed in an interview that when he first heard the script, he was astonished to learn that the makers had initially planned to produce the film for just Rs 80 lakhs. Despite his skepticism about the feasibility of such a low budget, Vishwak Sen was hesitant to voice his concerns, fearing he might be replaced in the project. However, he remained confident that Gaami would generate significant buzz upon its release, a prediction that has since come true.

Vishwak Sen’s Perspective on His Character in Gaami

In Gaami, Vishwak Sen’s character makes a delayed entrance, uttering his first dialogue only half an hour into the film. Sen expressed his personal fondness for heroes making late appearances in narratives, describing it as a unique and exhilarating storytelling technique. When presented with the opportunity to portray such a character, Sen eagerly embraced it, recognizing its potential to enhance the film’s impact and eagerly committing to the project.

Gaami Sets Records on Zee5

Gaami’s success on Zee5 is undeniable, with the film amassing over 70 million viewing minutes within three days of its release. This remarkable achievement underscores the immense popularity and excitement surrounding the film on the OTT platform. Directed by Vidhyadhar Kagita and featuring Chandini Chowdary as the female lead, Gaami has not only performed exceptionally well at the box office, earning Rs 14 crore, but has also secured significant profits through its OTT deal.

Synopsis of Gaami

Gaami revolves around the story of an Aghora, portrayed by Vishwak Sen, who grapples with touch-based issues. Determined to overcome his challenges, he embarks on a journey to the Himalayas in search of a special mushroom flower that promises to alleviate his condition. The film intricately explores themes of self-discovery, perseverance, and the quest for personal liberation amidst a backdrop of mystical landscapes and profound experiences.


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