BTS’s ‘Jungkook Go Solo’ hastag trends on line amidst J-Hope’s solo album release

BTS’s ‘Jungkook

BTS’s ‘Jungkook : In a now-deleted tweet, a BTS fan appears to criticize the fandom’s “favouritism” for Jungkook. Others strongly refuted the assertions.

In the latest BTS trend on X ( Twitter), supporters joined together to respond to charges of “favouritism” for Jungkook. The deeply divided subject sparked an internet civil war of tirades during the ongoing marketing of J-Hope’s 2024 special album, Hope on the Street Vol 1, which documents his street dancer background. A companion docuseries was also released on March 27.

Jungkook and J Hope in a concert

Jungkook: BTS' Jungkook has found a unique way of showing support to  J-Hope's latest single, MORE – details inside, Korean News | Zoom TV

Despite the septet’s prolonged absence from the music scene to fulfill their necessary military duty terms, the members have alternated in delivering musical gifts to their admirers. Instead of celebrating the achievement, the fandom, known as BTS ARMYs, is now split over a contentious issue.

The South Korean pop act has maintained its position in the spotlight. However, a weekend tweet from an international BTS fan tore the fandom apart in the midst of the ongoing celebrations.

K-pop singer J-Hope’s Hope on the Street Vol 1 album


J-Hope’s Hope on the Street Vol 1 album, released on March 29, featured a surprise collaboration with Jungkook, the youngest BTS member. The I Wonder song served as a joyful harbinger to the group’s much anticipated reunion in 2025. But these festivities were disrupted when an X user, @gabi_persinoti, tweeted about local South Korean fans’ “favouritism towards JK.”

Presumably, after visiting the Asian countries, they discussed how ‘K-Armys’ solely play Jungkook’s music in public. They immediately suspected foul play because J-Hope’s record had only been published a few days prior.



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