Aadujeevitham OTT Release Date: When, where to watch

Malayalam superstar Prithviraj Sukumaran’s highest-grossing film, “Aadujeevitham” OTT (also known as “The Goat Life”), directed by Blessy, is now poised for its digital debut.

After a hugely successful theatrical run, the film is set to stream on Disney+ Hotstar in multiple languages. Let’s delve into the details of this remarkable cinematic journey.

OTT Premiere Date

While the official streaming date is yet to be announced, reports suggest that “Aadujeevitham” will drop on May 26. This strategic Sunday release follows the platform’s pattern, as it previously chose another Malayalam movie, “Manjummel Boys,” for a similar weekend launch.


In “Aadujeevitham,” Prithviraj Sukumaran portrays Najeeb, a Malayali immigrant laborer trapped in Saudi Arabia. His life takes an unexpected turn as he becomes a goatherd on an isolated farm, forced into slavery. The film’s gripping plot unfolds against the harsh desert landscape, capturing Najeeb’s struggles and determination to escape.

The Epic Journey

“Aadujeevitham” has been a labor of love, spanning nearly 16 years. Originally conceived in 2008 by director Blessy, the project faced numerous challenges. Prithviraj Sukumaran’s commitment to the role came later, but his dedication remained unwavering.

Aadujeevitham OTT Extended Version

The widely acclaimed film took over a decade to produce, with filming lasting four years. The pandemic-induced breaks further extended the timeline. Based on Benyamin’s novel of the same name, the movie explores the plight of a Malayali man in Saudi Arabia. Forced into servitude, he grapples with adversity, leading to a gripping narrative.

The OTT version of “Aadujeevitham” promises to be longer than its theatrical counterpart. The original runtime of 3 hours and 30 minutes had to be trimmed for the big screen. However, the digital release may include scenes that resonate with the book’s readers, enhancing the overall experience.

Box Office Triumph

During its theatrical run, “Aadujeevitham” conquered the box office, amassing a staggering Rs 165 crore in 60 days. The film’s success was even more remarkable considering its competition with major April releases like “Aavesham” and “Varshangalkku Shesham.” Kerala audiences embraced it, and the festive season provided additional screens for its triumphant journey.

As “Aadujeevitham” transitions from theaters to OTT platforms, viewers can expect an immersive experience that captures the essence of Najeeb’s struggles and resilience.


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