Will Tollywood go the Major way now?

Major is the first Telugu film to release with nominal ticket prices following the onset of the third wave, and the film had the most economical pricing for any Telugu film that released since the third wave.

Major is doing particularly well at the box office despite the low ticket pricing. The film made a share of over Rs 7.50 crores in two days, and it is likely to breach the Rs 10 crores mark if we add Sunday’s collections to the tally.

Major is clearly stating that low ticket prices are the way forward for forthcoming Telugu mid-range projects.

All the while, many films, including big-ticket ones, have been struggling to reach the breakeven mark, despite the good word of mouth. Abnormally high ticket prices are touted as the main reason behind the same.

Cut to now, Major has incorporated nominal ticket prices, and it is doing pretty well at the box office. But it remains to be seen if Tollywood will take a cue from this and act accordingly as far as the ticket pricing system goes.


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