Will Hanu Crack It This Time?

Hanu Raghavapudi is always considered a very sensible and talented director. Yet, his films have failed to make any sound at the box office to date. His debut Andala Rakshasi is remembered by the filmy buffs as a cult classic. But why did the film see a commercial failure? Could it be the climax? could it be the non-linear narration? There are a lot of questions but it is just that there is no proper answer available for anyone of them. However, industry people trusted Hanu’s ability.

His next movies were Nithin’s Lie and Nani’s Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gatha. Both these movies too were expected to be unique films. Indeed they proved to be unique yet they delivered a meagre outcome. Next in the line was Sharwanand and Sai Pallavi’s Padi Padi Leche Manasu. Once again, the cycle of Hanu’s previous movies is repeated. It was released, It was liked, but It was a commercial failure. After a hattrick of average flicks, what’s the director cum writer thinking? Well, he assures people that SeethaRamam will be a blockbuster.

The caption for the movie title, ‘Yuddham Tho Rasina Premalekha’ itself shows Hanu’s poetic side. The film will hit the silver screen on the 5th of August. Will Hanu crack it this time? Yes, says the captain of the ship himself. His way of describing the movie is noteworthy. ”It will be like drinking cool water in hot summer or drinking a hot coffee on a rainy day” explained the director. He even guaranteed the audience that the movie will be a classic and stay forever in audiences’ minds. Well, we have to see its impact on the 5th of August. The film stars Dulquer Salman Mrunalini Thakur and Rashmika Mandanna in key roles.


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