Will Dil Raju’s Nephew Stand in Movies?

For any other field, talent and hard work decide the success and fate of a person. But in the film industry, along with those qualities, actors need a hint of luck and reception from the audience as well. No matter how big the background is, one can not withstand the pressures of the film industry without them. There are a lot of stars in Bollywood like Abhishek Bachan, Uday Chopra, Arjun Kapoor, Tushar Kapoor, Fardeen Kha, and Prateik Babbar: a few to name who come from a heavy backup of the family yet failed miserably. The same is the case in Telugu too. Dasari Narayana Rao’s son Arun, Brahmanandam’s son Goutham, Kondanda Ramireddy’s son Vaibhav, EVV Satyanarayana’s son Aryan Rajesh, K Raghavendra Rao’s son Prakash Kovelamudi, Allu Aravind’s son Allu Sirish are to name a few, who didn’t have a flying career though they had big support behind.

Now, Dil Raju’s brother’s son Ashish Reddy is fighting hard not to join this list. His first movie Rowdy Boys was a flop. Directed by Husharu director Sri Harsha Konuganti, Dil Raju did all he can including bringing Anupama Parameswaran beside the debut hero. However, the movie bombed. Now, the young actor is making the movie ‘Selfish’ under the direction of debut director Kashi Vishal. The director is from Sukumar’s school and Sukku himself is carefully monitoring the script work and guiding Kashi. Dil Raju too is said to be taking care of the project very carefully to give his nephew a blockbuster. Though Ashish looks very fit, his looks in the first movie weren’t received well. Will he be given a change over in the second movie similar to Allu Arjun’s change over for Sukku’s Arya? Will the nephew stand in the cine world? Let’s wait and see.


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