Why Samyuktha Menon  In Bimbisara ?

Almost after a two to three month hiatus, the Tollywood industry experienced a Friday that made everyone happy, including movie buffs, film producers and distributors. Bimbisara, starring Kalyan Ram, is off to a strong start at the box office and this success of Kalyan Ram’s movie astounded everyone.

Sharing his happiness on this success, Kalyan Ram penned a happy note and also in a success meet announced that Bimbisara 2 will start soon.

With this announcement, speculations are rife in social media about the part 2 storyline. As the film stopped with Bimbisara death, and then showcasing the Sanjeevana flower, it is obvious that Bimbisara will survive from the death.

Continuing this, many are opinionating that the second part would have two Kalyan Ram’s time travelling. In the first part the double action part is not explored more. So rumours are that this will be explored in the second part.

Also there is hardly not even a single scene with Samyuktha Menon that looks fulfilled. Many are questioning why the director even thought of roping Samyuktha Menon for that role.  Besides it, most of the Netizens are hoping that at least in the second part, her role will be justified.

However, all these are just thoughts of the people who have watched the film and not any official statements.


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