Where are the offers for this Telugu Girl?

Telugu girls are a rarity in the Telugu Film Industry. When asked about the same problem, makers often make the excuse that Telugu girls are not willing to act in the movies or that they are not as attractive as the Mumbai or Mallu girls. But the fact is.. Telugu girls are always looked down in the industry.

There are a lot of examples for this. Laya, Sri Divya, Bindu Madhavi etc. None of the Telugu girls are given a long rope to become a superstar. The latest girl in this list is Priyanka Jawalkar. After being glamorous, starring in good movies, the actress is still searching for offers. Many of her movies are receiving hit talk yet.. she can’t find enough chances to showcase her talent.

Her movies like Taxiwala, Thimmarusu, SR Kalyana Mandapam, Gamanam all had a good talk. Still, she doesn’t have at least a handful of movies. On the personal front, it’s being rumoured that Priyanka is in a relationship with the Team India Allrounder Venkatesh Iyer. Both are seen to be very close in the social media and often caught together occasionally in public. The couple are yet to respond to these rumours.


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