What is the Box Office Target of Ante Sundaraniki

Natural Star Nani’s new movie Ante Sundaraniki has released today amid good expectations. The actor has huge expectations for this movie to get back on the hit track. After Jersey, he has done Gangleader, V, Tuck Jagadish, and Shyam Singharoy, all marginally successful but were not blockbusters he wanted. As a result, Nani is back to his stronghold, the comedy genre.

As far as the business of the movie is considered, Sundaraniki has done it good. According to trade reports, the business area wise is: Nizam – 9 Crores, Ceded 3 Crores, Andhra 10 Crores which makes the total Rs 22 Crores in the Telugu states. The rest of India is 2.5 Crores and 3.5 Crores for the Overseas market, bringing the total breakeven to around 28 Crores.

This is just near to the market value of Natural Star right now. Mythri Movie Makers, using their brand value, has released the flick on a large number of screens so that it may cover the revenue in case the movie is not up to the mark. It’s interesting to see if the film will cross the Rs 30 Crores mark.


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