Wake Up Dil Raju Is Trending! This Is Why!

Dil Raju is not a person who gets into the news. But for the past few months, he has been in the news very often. Be it the birthing of a son or the Thank You debacle or filming Thalapthy’s Varasudu amidst the decision of the producers’ council not to shoot any movies. Now, once again, the ace producer’s name pops up on social media. Especially on Twitter, ‘Wakeup Dil Raju’ has been trending on the top 10 trends lists countrywide. It looks like an organized social media campaign. Those netizens who are trending the hashtag are announcing themselves as fans of Ram Charan and asking for an update on the Cherry and Shankar combo movie RC15.

As it is already known, there have been some rumours for the past month or two that the project’s director Shankar Shanmugam is planning to leave the project mid-sea to join Kamal’s Bharateeyudu 2 project. Another gossip is that a few technicians are replaced while there is some 40 0r 45 percent of the shooting is yet to be completed. Even though it’s not clear to what extent are those rumours true, Ram Charan fans are worried about the project. The other factor is the terrible disaster of Acharya. Fans are still reeling from the project’s side effects and now are eager to see Cherry in a blockbuster as early as possible, no matter what. All these factors combinedly seem to be making the RC fans hurry Dil Raju for an update on the project. Will Dil Raju yield to the pressure? Let’s see.


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