Vivek Oberoi Offers a Glimpse into His Mumbai Home

Actor Vivek Oberoi recently opened the doors to his Mumbai residence, showcasing a unique blend of rustic charm and modern aesthetics with a distinct Goan farmhouse vibe. In a recent episode of Urban Company Reels to Rooms, Vivek took viewers on a tour of his home, offering insights into its design and personal significance.

A Goan Farmhouse in Mumbai

Vivek Oberoi’s house in Mumbai exudes a perfect blend of rustic imperfections and modern aesthetics, reflecting the actor’s and his wife Priyanka Alva’s lifestyle. Designed as a Goan farmhouse, the residence features vintage elements such as a century-old bed and even boasts a pet cow named Kamadhenu, adding to its rustic charm.

Personal Touch and Sustainability

Throughout the tour, Vivek emphasized the importance of infusing his personality into the home’s design. He highlighted the significance of sustainability, expressing his desire for the house to reflect his and Priyanka’s life. The couple aimed to create a space that resonated with the essence of Goa, incorporating wooden furniture, elegant chandeliers, and indoor plants to achieve a farmhouse ambiance.

Antiques and Family Heirlooms

One of the highlights of Vivek’s home is his collection of antiques, sourced from around the world. He shared the sentimental value behind a half-century-old antique bed, which originated from Priyanka’s family. Recalling fond childhood memories, Vivek expressed his love for the bed and its role in providing comfort and security during his upbringing.

Blending Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

A distinctive feature of Vivek’s residence is its seamless integration of outdoor elements into the indoor space. Vivek pointed out tall, lush trees framing the house’s expansive windows, creating a harmonious connection between the interior and exterior environments. This blending of natural elements enhances the farmhouse vibe while bringing a sense of tranquility to the living spaces.

Embracing Quirky Charm

In the backyard, Vivek embraced the rustic imperfections of his home, including exposed pipes and taps. Rather than viewing them as flaws, he appreciated their quirky charm, adding character to the space. Vivek’s willingness to embrace imperfections reflects his unique approach to design and lifestyle, emphasizing authenticity and individuality.


Vivek Oberoi’s Mumbai home offers a refreshing glimpse into his personal sanctuary, characterized by its Goan farmhouse aesthetic and eclectic charm. From vintage furniture to sentimental family heirlooms, each element of the house tells a story, reflecting Vivek’s journey and values. As he continues to make his mark in the entertainment industry, Vivek’s home stands as a testament to his creativity, passion, and appreciation for the beauty of imperfection.


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