Viswaksen Buys his Favourite Car!

Mass ka Das Viswaksen is in with the success of Ashoka Vanam lo Arjuna Kalynam. He even bought one of the costliest cars Benz G wagon 2022 model, in this swing. It’s said to be at least 2.5 crores and varies up to 3 crores. The one he brought home is the top-end model of the SUV, says the sources. He shared his happiness on his Instagram and thanked the fans for their continuous support. “Bought my dream car yesterday. All this became true and possible because of you guys’ constant love and support. Thank you all. Grateful for everything and everyone in my life. Thank you,” posted the young star along with the photos of the car and his parents alongside the car. Few celebrities responded to the post. Director Tarun Bhascker commented that the car is his own, and he gave it to Viswak for a photoshoot. Actor Ali Reza congratulated the Hit star on his new car. On the other hand, fans were asking for the party from Viswak.

It’s noteworthy that Viswak became a talk of the Telugu states before AVAK’s release because of his clash with a TV anchor. Of course, it helped him in a big way. On the movie front, Viswak is lined up with exciting projects like Mukhachitram, Ori Devuda, and Dhamki. Mukhachitram will be released on the 10th of next month and is already attracting eyeballs. Ori Devuda is a remake of the Tamil film Oh my Kadavule and is being directed by Ashwath Marimuthu. It will be noted as youtube actress Mithila Palkar’s debut in Telugu.


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