Vishwak Sen Vs TV 9 : Rahul Ramakrishna bashes TV 9

The Vishwak Sen – TV 9 controersy is one of the most debated topics on social media now. While a few say Vishwak shouldn’t have lost his cool while speaking with the lady interviewer at TV 9, the vast majority say Vishwak was right to react with as much vigor.

Note comedy actor Rahul Ramakrishna has commented about the same now and here’s what he has to say.

“Nobody addresses the vile nature of @TV9Telugu in terms of +showing+ us news whereas all they care about i..they don’t really care about anything, they’re well funded. I have a problem with@TV9Telugu because they are not part of any constructive space” Rahul tweeted.

“I’d like to be a part of the circus that is surrounding and humiliating a grounded, humble person as #VishwakSen He has my total support especially in light of how @TV9Telugu treated him. I don’t know what they do to journalists these days..jeez.” Rahul added.

Rahul has clearly taken Vishwak’s side in the whole controversy and rightly so.




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