Venkat Prabhu address criticism of casting Thalapathy Vijay in GOAT !

Director Venkat Prabhu responds to netizens’ criticism of casting Thalapathy Vijay in GOAT. Recently, the makers of GOAT unveiled the new look of Thalapathy Vijay from the film, which led to a negative response as Vijay’s looks were edited too much to make him look younger.

Following rumors that GOAT might be a remake of Will Smith’s Gemini Man, a Twitter user on platform X recently expressed their displeasure with Thalapathy Vijay. The tweet read, “Dear @vp_offl bro, After a dreadful 2023 with back-to-back flops, @actorvijay sir is hoping for a decent comeback in 2024. So, if you’re planning any remakes, I’m guessing he’s not a good fit for Hollywood film remakes, as he’s neither #AjithKumar nor @urstrulyMahesh to pull it off. However, if you look at his filmography, you’ll notice that he’s only stayed in this field because of some good Telugu remakes. So a brotherly suggestion is to buy a good Telugu film and remake it.”

He further went on to criticize that, “If you are still sure about a Hollywood remake, at least please refrain from including hopeless #ThalapathyVijay elements(Fake Moaning gestures, Unnatural Father/Sister Sentiments, Forceful Romances & Kisses) in your film. Vijay & Team will force you to do all that *hit, Just politely ask them to remember their previous outing #Leo which happened to become a half-baked Hollywood remake.”

And concluded with, “But be rest assured this time neither @rajinikanth fans nor #AK fans will meddle into your #GOAT, since we adore and respect you alot. Have a Happy and Healthy 2024 Sir”

In response to this tweet, director Venkat Prabhu wrote that “Sorry bro!! Innum unga kiterndhu edhirpaakuren (I expect more from you)!! Happy New Year!! Spread love”


Thalapathy Vijay in GOAT



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