Variety Rumour on Bandla Ganesh!

Bandla Ganesh is one comical figure who becomes a news point whenever he comes out. This time, he became a hot topic in Tollywood circles even without coming out or giving any speech. There is a strange rumour doing rounds on him. It’s related to Ravi Teja’s Ramarao On Duty film. They say that the director of the film Sharath Mandava has asked Bandla to dub for actor Venu Thottempudi. It is to be noted that Venu is back in the films after a lot of gap. Anyway, coming back to the Bandla news, the director has asked him for dub and the actor cum producer is said to have asked for Rs 5 Lakhs for one-day dubbing.

Shocked by the demand, the director is said to have dropped the thought of having Bandla’s voice in his film. These are just rumours and cine people are wondering about the believability of this news. How come Bandla’s voice will be suited to Venu? Even Venu revealed in a few interviews that his role will be a serious cop. If that’s true, Ganesh’s voice will definitely be a mismatch for Venu’s role. Could this rumour be true? Why would a director deliberately try to set a non-syncing voice for one of the key characters in the movie? We will never know until the movie team or Bandla Ganesh comes out and clarifies this.


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