Varasudu Scene Leaked Online!

Ilayathalapthy Vijay’s fans are eagerly waiting for his next movie Vaarisu or Varasudu. It’s because the film is very different from Vijay’s recent films which are completely action and masala loaded while Vaarasudu will be a complete family genre entertainer stressing family relationships. If the internal sources are to be believed, the film will be along the lines of director Vamsi Paidpally’s previous films like Brindavanam and Maharshi. The lead role will arrive from a foreign land as the scion of a wealthy family only to be rejected by many family members. How he wins each and every one of them and finally gains their respect as the real scion of the family is the plot point, say the sources. Even though there is a producers’ guild decision not to shoot any movies, Varasudu’s schedule in Hyderabad never stopped. Dil Raju, the producer cleverly reasoned that the film is mainly a Tamil film which will not come under Tollywood’s umbrella.

Well, that’s good news for the fans but the bad news is that an important scene from the film has leaked online. Vijay fans are worried as an important scene from the film was leaked while it was being shot. The leaked scene shows Vijay and Prabhu hurrying someone to the hospital. Prabhu is seen in a doctor role. Even though not much of the story is revealed, the fans are worried about the way the movie scene got leaked. Many are demanding the uploader to delete the scene while a few of the fans are asking the SVC banner about the leak. The production house SVC too expressed a shock and was unable to fathom how the clip was shot by a cellphone without being noted. If the reports are to be believed, producer Dil Raju and co have decided to make the rules much stricter in their sets and banned bringing cell phones into the set.


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