Update on Megastar’s ‘mega 156’


After facing a massive flop with the film Bhola Shankar, which was released last year on August 11, 2023, and directed by Meher Ramesh, megastar Chiranjeevi is now all set to make a comeback as he has paired up with Vassishta for his next film.

Megastar has decided to change his genre this time, as his next film will be a fantasy drama, which is being made on a massive note. The film is tentatively named ‘mega156’. The official name is yet to be revealed.

The film’s shooting started, and it has been quite some time since the shoot was on. But there is no news of Chiranjeevi being on set. It seems like the shooting has started without Chiranjeevi.

In the latest update, it is reported that the veteran actor megastar Chiranjeevi has yet to recover from his knee injury, which is taking time, so there will be a slight delay before he joins the shoot. Fans are excited to know when the iconic star, Chiranjeevi, will be seen on sets, but the date of the star joining the shoot has been kept in suspense as of now.

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