Unstoppable 2: The PK episode will premiere on…

Nandamuri Balakrishna is currently in the golden phase of his career. His last outing, Akhanda, became a super hit, and his Aha shows Unstoppable with NBK also became a super hit. We all know that the episode with Rebel Star Prabhas and Machostar Gopichand became one of the biggest blockbuster episodes of all time, and the second part of that Prabha’s episode will premiere this week. On December 30, the AHA app crashed due to some unexpected traffic when it started the premier of Prabhas and Gopichand’s episode.

We have the astounding news that the next episode of Unstoppable 2 will have Power star Pawan Kalyan as the guest. This seems to be a very interesting and burning topic in the film community. Right from the beginning, Balayya is making the right choices for the show to live up to the hype and expectations surrounding it.
According to some, the true reason this show is stalling is a lack of suitable guests for the Balayya range. But the remarks left after Pawan Kalyan’s name was announced as a guest on this program indicate he will appear as a guest.
The Power Star has attended the talk show. However, social media speculates that the star’s episode will premiere for the Sankranti festival, i.e., on January 13, 2022. As of now, there has been no official statement made by the makers of AHA or the show. But the episode will likely release on January 13.


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