Ugly Mega Vs Allu clash..!!

Twitter is hosting an ugly clash between Mega and Allu camps. Mega fans have started an ugly-looking war on Allu Arjun’s fans, saying Allu Arjun is neglecting the mega family after attaining superstardom.

In response, Allu Arjun’s fans say their hero always enjoyed a star status, and the only reason he achieved whatever he has till now is his hard work and dedication.

Allu Arjun’s fans and Mega fans have indulged in an ugly verbal brawl on social media, speaking low of each other. This brutal verbal confrontation has now become the talking point on Twitter.

Not many expected Mega and Allu Arjun’s fans to get into a heated verbal exchange, and this is the most talked about topic on social media now.

It is high time that the fans take a chill pill as the heroes will always maintain cordial relationships with each other, and the fans have to change a lot.


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