Tollywood Melomaniac Guide: 10 Melodies of 2023

Tollywood has had one of the best music histories, the Telugu Film Industry and artists have attempted in delivering both melodies and soulful music.

Here are 10 must listen to Tollywood Melodies of 2023:

#1 Dhooke Chinuka (Film: Mr Shetty Miss Polishetty)

#2 Ammadi (Film: Hi Nanna)

#3 Darshana (Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha)

#4 Mastaru Mastaru (Film: Sir)

#5 Kushi (Film: Kushi)

#6 Evarevaro (Film: Animal)

#7 Priya Mithunam (Film: Adipurush)

#8 Potti Pilla (Film: Balagam)

#9 Aaradhya (Film: Kushi)

#10 Nachavule Nachavule (Film: Virupaksha)


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