Tollywood Bad Time To Continue Till 2023?

Telugu Producers Guild announced on 26th July that Tollywood film shootings will be stopped from August 1 till further notice. However with this drastic decision, there is going to be a lot of impact on release dates.

As we know, even back in 2020, all film industries were shut for several months because of Pandemic. Because of this, in Tollywood, many films, including RRR and Pushpa were postponed which in turn increased the Films budget.

Now, again it looks like the same things are going to happen because of the producers’ decision. It is difficult to meet the release dates, if the shootings get held from August 1st. And, if there is such a bandh, the consequences to be faced will be severe. Call sheets, rentals of locations, advances given for outdoors, agreements with distributors etc.., will get imposed on film makers which in turn increases the total budget of the film. Also a key decision has already been taken to further reduce the ticket rates. If it is the case, how do the upcoming films that are on halt achieve breakeven, with increased budget but with decreased ticket rate ???

So, this is going to get worse for those who have locked the release date till January 2023 starting from next month. So, if this bandh ends soon, it will be happy, but if it is going to prolong, it looks like it becomes more disadvantageous from the films that are on shooting.

Also, as per the inside sources, it is heard that apart from the six star heroes, there are still many heroes who need to take some strict restrictions related to their remunerations. So with this many things pending, all this will not come to fruition in upcoming films.

So, it looks like Tollywood is going to face bad times yet again till next year, if this halt on films continues.


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