This Tollywood actress pledges to run naked if India wins the world cup

A Tollywood actress hours ago took to X formerly known as Twitter to tweet that she will run naked if India wins the World Cup this time.

An aspiring actress based in Andhra Pradesh, Visakhapatnam recently tweeted, If India wins the World Cup, I will streak on Visakhapatnam beach. India World Cup కొడితే, వైజాగ్ బీచ్ లో streaking చేస్తా…”, referring to running naked on the Vizag beach if India marks victory at the world cup. Rekha Boj receives immense criticism as she passes this statement. While a few claim that the actress’s admiration led her to pledge the unthinkable, while other netizens believe it is an obnoxious thing to post on the internet. The actress last posted that she is going to do reviews of Bigg Boss 7 on her YouTube channel.

Rekha Boj is known for her roles in films namely, Daamini Villaa, Mangalyam, Kalaya Tasmai Namaha, Swathi Chinuku Sandhya Velalo, Dirty Picture, Love in Vizag, and Rangeela shook the internet by the statement.

Rekha Boj | చీరకట్టులో మురిపిస్తున్న రేఖా బోజ్..-Namasthe Telangana

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