This month’s biggies are all about Money!

The biggies of this summer have set their eyes upon the Money. Well, literally they want the movies to do well and loot crores of profits. We aren’t talking in a literal sense here. The two biggies for this month are Sarkaru Vari Pata and F3. Coincidentally both the movies are centered around money although the former is serious about it and the latter takes flight in a funny way.

The new release of this week, Mahesh’s Sarkaru Vari Pata is all about money. So much that the Protagonist has the Rupee coin tattoed on his neck. Mahesh’s role is of a person who values money so much more than anything else in his life. The circumstances he had to face in his past life make him ruthless when there is money involved. It’s noteworthy that the movie plot has a bank in a key episode. Overall, it’s about the money in this Parasuram Petla directorial. Released on the 12th, the movie is doing okay for now at the box office. Another biggie that’s going to be released this month is F3. Sequel to the superhit F2, this part doesn’t have anything to do with the first part. According to the director Anil Ravipudi, the movie revolves around money and there isn’t an iota of connection to the first part except that all the star cast will be returning to portray different roles. The trailer of the movie indicated the same with a lot of fun. One has to wait and see how much of this fun will be distributed evenly all through the movie. Venkatesh, and Varun Tej will be seen romancing Tamannaah Bhatia, and Mehreen Pirzada respectively in this Devi Sri Prasad Musical.


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