This is Jaggu Bhai’s Simplicity!

The film industry is all about glitters and glamour. If It’s challenging for an outsider who achieved stardom to remain simple, imagine how difficult it will be for someone born with a golden spoon and brought up in all those glitters and yet to stand ground. Yes, we are talking about Jagapati Babu. Though he is the scion of a senior producer, a star, and an established actor, he is a very spiritual and realistic person. So much that he runs away to his farmhouse trees or abroad to live the simple life his heart always yearns of.

Yet again, Jaggu went abroad to have his personal space. In his recent Twitter post, he is seen in the rain with a jacket over his head in some foreign country. Rather than the photo, the caption which he gave was very interesting. “Idhey akkadaithey godugu pattukovataniki evarokaru undevaru.. apudu apudu idhi avasaram, lekapothey vollu bhallusthundi” said the actor. This means, “Someone would have held an umbrella if this is in India. This is a necessity now. Or else I’ll get thick-skinned”. His tweet has gone viral, and many fans praise him for his down-to-earth attitude. Keep it up, Jaggu Bhai.


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