This is how RRR Tiger is made!

Nowadays, Visual effects play a crucial role in movies. Especially ace director SS Rajamouli knows how to use the graphics properly. One of his previous blockbuster Eega was 90 percent CGI. SSR’s latest blockbuster RRR also has lots of VFX shots. Especially the shots that include animals like Tigers, Wolves. Srinivas Mohan worked as the VFX supervisor for the film, which had multiple companies sharing the CG duties. One among them is Alzahra Studio. The studio was involved in a total of 18 VFX shots in the movie, which are about creating a snake and a tiger. The company shared the working process of making those animals titled VFX breakdown on their Twitter account. “Finally, the VFX breakdown of RRRMovie is here! Alzahra Studio worked on 18 VFX shots that involved two complex animals: a snake and a tiger! Always a delight to work with @ssrajamouli and @srinivas_mohan!” tweeted the company along with the video.

The Tiger was constructed right from its bone to muscle, skin, and fur. The detailing of each process and the final result is mind-blowing. The same is the case with snakes too. Jakkanna was always careful about the VFX. He is the best director in Tollywood to get the best work out of CG. The graphics-heavy fantasy world of Baahubali couldn’t have been that successful if not without the perfect execution of the VFX. Anyway, here is the link to that tweet for u.c


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