This cricketer wants to be spider man

Young player who has gained widespread acclaim for the style of cricket he has played in recent years. Shubman has a sizable fan base, so Sony Pictures India hired him to dub the Indian Spider-Man character Pavitr Prabhakar in Hindi and Punjabi for the new animated Spider-Man movie Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse, which debuted in Indian theatres today and will be released in the United States tomorrow. In an interview Shubman discussed his enthusiasm for Spider-Man, his first Spider-Man memory, his favourite Spider-Man, and many other topics.

Shubman Gill first said that he would want to swing across the skyscrapers when asked what he would do if he were Spider-Man for the day in an exclusive interview with a source. He then added a fascinating detail to his response on the Cricket World Cup, which caused the two to chuckle. In the World Cup final, he declared, “I would want to be Spider-Man because I would have spider sense and be able to catch balls.” That’s an intriguing response to help India win the World Cup. Shubman Gill has already departed for the upcoming World Test Championship in England as of this writing.

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