Third Movie between Puri-Deverakonda?

As Liger is in the post-production phase, Puri Jagannath and Vijay Deverakonda have announced that they will be doing a movie called Jana Gana Mana together. In the latest update, even before the start of the shoot of JGM, Puri and VD are planning on making another film. The announcement might be out after the release of Liger, says the inside sources. The bond between the actor and director seems to be stronger by the minute. In film circles, they say that Puri has this habit of trusting his close people with his life. The same is the case when he was with Ravi Teja, Chakri, or Bandla Ganesh. He trusted them and he expects his friends to trust him too. When he doesn’t get that, he distances away.

Huge Demand From Liger Makers

Jana Gana Mana is an example of how fast Puri can believe or disbelieve his friends. Since he gave Mahesh Babu.. films like Pokiri and Businessman, he has believed that the superstar will trust him with his Jana Gana Mana script. But for reasons unknown, Mahesh is said to have rejected the script and asked Puri to review it. The ace director, who has immense confidence in himself, stayed away from Mahesh since then and started doing other projects. Now, as he has a hero like VD at his hand who also has the talent and craze, Puri wants to prove a point. Hence, he is making the same Jana Gana Mana rejected by Mahesh with Deverakonda.


Earlier, even in the case of the Auto Johnny project too, Puri was reluctant to make changes suggested by Megastar and dropped the idea completely. Now, as Vijay is relatively new to the industry and normally does not suggest any changes to the director’s script, Puri is feeling at home with VD. That could be the reason behind making his third film in a row with him, says the film observers. If their analysis is to be believed, Puri will be making many more movies in the near future with Vijay Deverakonda.


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