The Director Still Fuming On Nithin!

Many of us already have seen the issue of dance master cum director Amma Rajasekhar’s recent comments on Hero Nithin as his statements have become viral. As everyone has thought that the incident is over, it is not. The director is still fuming about Nithin’s absence from his event. For those who do not know the issue, Rajasekhar is producing and directing a film called, Hi Five. He held the pre-release event of that movie recently and invited Nithin to the same. The hero didn’t attend the event citing that he is not feeling well. But, Amma claimed in the event that Nithin willingly skipped the event and even cursed that Nithin will never reach the superstar level.

Now, after a few days of that incident, the director ranted the same yet again in an interview. When the interviewer asked Rajasekhar if anyone deplored Amma’s comments on Nithin, the director replied that in fact, everyone said that he had done a good job in expressing his anguish. “Not attending an event, when you are invited 10 days prior to the event is definitely insulting the other party. Even if you say some reasons, how can the person who invited you to believe it? Humans should value one another. There are a few guests who came even though I didn’t invite them. I felt bad for not inviting them. But for Nithin, I went to his home and personally invited him. As there is no use from me, he didn’t come. It’s that simple. I’m in flops. So what’s my use to him? If I’m in hits, he would definitely have come. I know it. I’ve seen a lot in the industry” said the director. Hero Nithin is yet to respond to Amma’s statements.


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