Thank You: Does Vikram’s Priya Sentiment Failed This Time?

Naga Chaitanya’s much-anticipated film Thank you has finally hit the theatres today. Directed by Vikram K Kumar, the film has Rashi Khanna, Malavika Nair, and Avika Gor in female lead roles.

We all know that there was no film by Vikram K Kumar to date that doesn’t have the name “Priya”. Right from his initial films 13B and Ishq to the latest films Hello and Gang Leader, the one or other actress character in the film has the name Priya.

Following the same sentiment, Rashi Khanna’s character in the Thank you was also named Priya. Coming to other lead actresses roles, Malavika Nair’s character was named Parvati, while Avika Gor, who was shown as sister to Chaitu in the movie was named Chinnu. However, it’s Rashi Khanna who makes a prominent place in the film and her character was named Priya, marking Vikram K Kumar’s style.

But the biggest question raised by Netizens since the film’s release is that when the director continued his past movie’s Priya Sentiment, why didn’t he follow his engaging narration in Thank you. The first half has good entertaining scenes marking Vikram’s feel-good style. But it’s the second half that lost the director’s mark.

Also though the film was not that bad, the film is bagging mixed responses right from the first show. So, we have to wait and see, will at least by the second day the movie gains a positive response.


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