TFPC Calls for Meeting!

Telugu Film Producers Council has called for a meeting on the 21st of July to discuss various issues plaguing the industry. Film Industry is the only place where the one who splashes the money doesn’t get his due credit and on most occasions, not his investment too. For the last two years, the arrival of the Pandemic combined with the different policies of the governments of both Telugu states, the Telugu film market is wobbling. On the other hand, OTTs are fast gulping the theatre audience resulting in people coming to movie halls only for visual spectacles or Magnum Opuses. To discuss all these problems randing from OTT to ticket rates, the TFPC has called for the general body meeting.

This meet will be held on the 2nd floor of Filmnagar Co-op Housing Society complex in Film Nagar on Thursday, i.e, the 21st of this month. A notice is served by the TFPC regarding the same to all the members. The issues which they are going to discuss are:

  • OTT.
  • VPF charges.
  • Ticket rates.
  • Making costs, work situations and the rates of the crew, problems of fighters union and Federation.
  • The role of managers.
  • Problems of actors and technicians.

It has to be seen on which issues among these will find at least a temporary solution.



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