Telugu audiences are fed up with Koratala’s routine template stories??

Jai lives in a city where he owns a company. One day he visits his father’s village. He then finds out about the rivalry between two big wigs of two adjacent villages. He solves the problem with his love and some action.

Harsha is a prince. He lives with his parents and has everything. But he wants to live a normal life. One day he travels to his father’s village where the goons are trying to occupy the entire village for a company that pollutes the air, water, and the environment. He then adopts the village and saves the village with some action.

Bharath Ram lives in Oxford, England for his studies. His father is a Chief Minister for an Indian state and dies from a heart stroke. He had to come to India and due to some political reasons, he becomes the CM. He starts cleaning the system with some action.

Anandh lives in Mumbai with his uncle and aunt. He is an environmentalist and tries to save trees and stops deforestation in urban areas. He shifts to Hyderabad on a mission to complete his research. Then he finds a group of people who are into solving people’s problems. He joins the gang to solve problems.

What did you observe from Jai, Harsha, Bharath, and Anandh’s stories?? They are all same!

These are the stories of Koratala Shiva. Jai is from Mirchi, Harsha is from Srimanthudu, Bharath is from BAN, and Anand is from Janatha Garage. Hero comes from a different place fights the goons and saves the people. Add a little bit of romance and high intense action sequences. That’s it. Story ready.

Even for Acharya, he followed the same template. Koratala might be a successful director without any box-office failures. However, Telugu audiences are fed up with his routine rotta template stories. 

Can we expect a different story from Koratala for his next project with Jr.NTR?? 


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