Taylor Swift’s Rainy Eras Tour Kickoff in Lyon, France

Heavy showers disrupted Taylor Swift’s concert during the first show of her Eras Tour in Lyon, France. The American singer-songwriter performed at the packed Groupama Stadium, making it another sold-out event for Swift. Despite the rain, Taylor continued to perform in her black and red bodysuit, creating a memorable experience for her fans.

A Rainy Start to the Concert

The concert began under grey clouds, setting a dramatic stage for the night. As Taylor started with “Enchanted,” light sprinkles of rain began to fall. By the time she reached the Reputation Era, the rain had turned into a heavy downpour. According to USA Today, Taylor acknowledged the rain, saying, “We have officially had a rain show tonight and that is set. That is permanent. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t rain again.” While the band played under tents on either side of the stage, Taylor and her dance team performed in the rain, much to the delight of the audience. Tents also protected the VIP booths and production set.

Videos of Taylor Swift dancing in the rain quickly surfaced online, garnering enthusiastic reactions from fans. One user on X commented, “REPUTATION UNDER THE RAIN OMGGG,” while another wrote, “Reputation should always be performed under the rain oml.” Fans praised Taylor’s energy and dedication, with comments like, “This Queen Oh my God” and “how does anyone not slip?” Another fan gushed, “SHE IS SUCH A CUTE LITTLE POOKIE SO HAPPY TO BE HERE.”

Celebrating Pride Month in Lyon

June marks World Pride Month, and Taylor Swift took the opportunity to celebrate during her Lover Era set. “Happy Pride Month, Lyon,” she exclaimed before performing “You Need To Calm Down,” an anthem for the LGBTQ+ community. As she sang, the stage lights and decorations transformed into a rainbow. Fans joined the celebration, donning colorful ponchos and waving their hands as their wristbands glowed with rainbow lights. According to a source, Taylor expressed that the rain added a special touch to the concert, enhancing the symbolism of the rainbow lights.


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