Suriya’s fans demand a full-length ‘Rolex’

Those who have watched the film Vikram are very happy that director Lokesh Kanagaraj pulled off something that was not imagined by anyone. Kamal Haasan, Suriya, Vijay Sethupathi, and Fahad Faasil acted together in a film. However, in the end, Suriya’s role served as the icing on the cake. Suriya sizzled in the role called Rolex, which kept the fans wanting to see more of him on the screen. In fact, the story did not need Suriya’s character but Lokesh planned it differently and included the character seamlessly into the story. After Suriya’s entry, Kollywood audiences went berserk and thoroughly enjoyed his cameo.

On the whole, Lokesh became a stalwart with this single film and from now on, there will be huge anticipation around his every upcoming film.
We have to see if Lokesh comes up with a separate film to Suriya alone, weaving a story around the character of Rolex.


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