Sunny Leone: “I Don’t Show Them My Work”

Sunny Leone is a famous Bollywood actress whose party songs are popular with the audience. Over the years, she has appeared in many movies, including One Night Stand and Ragini MMS2. Apart from being an actress, she is a caring and loving mother to her children, Nisha, Asher, and Noah.

In a recent interview, the actress was asked what measures she takes to give her children a normal life as a public figure. She said she does not show her work to her children so that they can lead an everyday life. She talked about how her kids often question her about people clicking pictures with her, making it hard for the actress to make them understand. She also said she uses the Transformers show to explain things to them.

“My children keep asking me, why do people want pictures with you, Mommy? ‘I explain to them that just how they love Spiderman and Hulk, people feel the same feeling when they see me on TV or otherwise. I also tell them, ‘Remember how you felt when you saw the Transformers on TV? That’s exactly how these people feel. To be honest, they don’t understand that just yet. Also, I don’t show them my work,” answered Sunny. She also added that she does not listen to her old songs often, which happens only when her kid wishes to watch them on television.

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