Sunny Leone asks fans to WhatsApp her

Sunny Leone WhatsApp

Sunny Leone, the One Night Stand actress, is one of the most celebrated actresses in Bollywood in the present times, deservingly so. This gorgeous diva wants her fans to WhatsApp her.

Everyone is jumping onto the newest WhatsApp feature of the broadcast channel, where celebrities can send personalized messages to their fans without having to message each one of them individually, and the Jackpot created one of her own too! So go join her!

As celebrities grow busier by the day, we have reached a point where even daily Instagram story updates don’t seem to bring us close enough to the public figures we absolutely adore. It’s one thing to go on Instagram and watch a story. The feeling is still distant regardless of how rapidly active the celebs are, and it’s a completely different thing for the celebs to be able to WhatsApp their fans and they can react to it. We all know how hurtful and disheartening it is when you respond to your favourite celeb’s story and they never respond to it because their DMs are always flooding. But we can’t come to blame then, can we?

On the work front, Sunny Leone is currently in and as The Wing Woman, helping people while they go on their venture to find love, to date or to simply hookup! Her appearance at Bigg Boss made her popular in Bollywood.

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