Suma is a quick learner: says director

Suma Kanakala is of a well-known personality not only in the Telugu Film industry but also in every household. Her TV programs took her name to every homemaker in Telugu states. Such is the stardom she has. After a sister character in Prabhas’s Varsham movie, she refused to act in movies despite many offers at her feet.

After a very long time, she shines as Jayamma in her upcoming movie Jayamma Panchayathi. Vijay Kumar kalivarapu who helmed this project shared many interesting things. He wanted to make a movie with all newcomers and with a limited budget. His initial choice wasn’t Anchor Suma, but he somehow ended up with her which turned out she proved the director wrong with her acting prowess. 


“She is a quick learner and she can perform anything effortlessly, as an actor. Now, I couldn’t imagine any actor, other than Suma in the character” he added further.


Keeravani has scored the music for this project and has given the beautiful tunes. Jayamma will start her panchayathi on 6th May this year all over the world.


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