Spoiler Alert: Thank You Misses The Very Major Scene

Starring Naga Chaitanya and Rashi Khanna, Thank you film helmed by Vikram K Kumar hit the screens on 22 July. This film bagged mixed responses right from its first show.

However, this film gained the limelight on social media, not because of its positive points but because of its negative things.

By hearing the movie’s time length as just 2 hours eight minutes, many have thought this would stand as a major plus for the film. Antithetical, after the release this time length also stood as one of the major drawbacks of the movie.

Getting into the point, we all know that during the interval sequence, Rashi is shown as if she is going to abort her baby. Later, no conclusion was given to it, except for the heroine leaving for the operation theatre. Surprisingly, in the climax, Rashi says to Chaitu that they are going to be parents.

Vikram K Kumar made a goof-up by missing this major logic in the film. Also, the Tollywood comedian Sunil who was present on a few posters of Thank you was not seen in the film. It may be that the director deleted his scenes to reduce the time length.

But the audience is feeling that, if Vikram would have included all this, Thank You might have been a little more appealing to the audience.


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