Similarities Of Thank You With WFL

The talented actress Raashi Khanna is bagging back-to-back flops in her career. Even Vijay Devarakonda’s World Famous Lover which came with huge expectations hasn’t saved Rashi’s flop streak. So the heroine kept all her hopes on Naga Chaitanya’s Thank You. This film hit the theatres on 22nd July and is receiving mixed responses right from the first show.

While a few audiences are pointing out that this film has a lot of similarities with Chaitanya’s past films Premam, 100% love, and Majili, few movie buffs are saying that Thank you has a lot of similarities with Rashi’s past film World Famous Lover.

Picking out the similarities, the first point is that both the stories start because of Rashi Khanna’s character ( Yamini in WFL and Priya In Thank You). In both the films, heroes start realizing, only after Yamini/Priya leaves them and then there starts the story.

Both the films have two stories, forming two halves of the film. On the other hand, both the hero characters in their back two stories misunderstand the female roles and they feel great. Contradicting this, in the climax they realize that it’s not they, but those female characters in the flashback who are great, sacrificing their love for the heroes’ success.

Top of all, both the films starts with Rashi being in a live-in relationship with the hero and ends with the hero getting back to Rashi after realizing his mistakes.

Also, Rashi is seen as pathetic in both films rather than being active. With such a selection of stories, movie sentiment believers are advising Rashi Khanna to cut down those tragic scripts in her upcoming ventures. We have to see what happens.


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