Shekar Controversy: Dr Rajasekhar drops a crucial update!

Dr. Rajasekhar remade the super hit Malayalam film Joseph for the Telugu audience and titled it Shekar. Expected to be a thriller, the film was released last Friday, but the court-ordered to stall the film’s release.

Interestingly, Rajasekhar and Jeevitha won this legal battle where the new judgment says that the film’s release can’t be stalled. Taking to social media, Dr. Rajasekhar and others associated with the film revealed that the court has ruled out the stay order on the film’s release.

“The court ruled out the stay order as an incorrect, tampered, and inadequate case. Yet still, we lost our weekend in the theatres. Our film was stopped just out of spite. As I said before… I can only hope that Shekar gets its due recognition. We stand by our producers with whatever decision they take regarding the screening of Shekar in the future.” shared by Sivani Rajasekhar, which is a note penned by Dr. Rajasekhar.

The film also had Sivani Rajasekhar playing a pivotal role. Jeevitha Rajasekhar directed the film.


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