SDT Pens “I Hate You” Note To All SitaRamam Team

At present, Sita Ramam team is on cloud nine following the rave reviews that the film has been receiving world-wide. After ‘Mahanati’ the Malayalam young superstar Dulquer Salmaan made his second entry into the grounds of Telugu cinema with Hanu Raghavapudi’s romantic drama film ‘Sita Ramam’. Same as Mahanati, this film also stood as a Cult classic in Tollywood.

Many movie buffs as well as celebrities are pouring compliments on the movie. Following the same hero Sai Dharam Tej penned a lengthy note praising the film in a different style. He wrote hate you to everyone and described his love towards film in an antonym tone.

Starting the note, he wrote “I have written and edited my note many times to say that I hate you for this beautiful film from the bottom of my heart. I sincerely Hate you”.

Initially saying “I hate you” to the producer of the film, Sai wrote ” Swapna akka I hate you. You have stuck by this film for almost 2 years and believed in the love story of Ram and Sita. You have not only produced a gem but also have brought a belief in all of us that true love can exist. Here we go again running behind that true love. My single hood is at stake”.

“Hanu, I hate you, you have excelled in all the crafts, you have created magic in every frame. All the characters have been carefully and beautifully etched and you made sure all your actors give their cent percent in every scene. You have created a beautiful painting or a beautiful music piece and as you said your second half syndrome has been busted and you have passed it with flying colours”, the actor wrote praising the Director.

Also marking the fabulous music Sai sharam said that to get the vintage look, three songs have been sang by SP Charan who lived up to his father’s magical voice.

Later, saying about the hero Dulquar, Tej wrote ” Dulquar I have seen your earlier films and am an ardent admirer of your work but I hate you for this film which made me watch you in awe as an actor. I was just admiring your performance in every scene. You have breathed as Ram, you sat as Ram. You walked and ran like Ram. You basically lived as Ram”

“Rashmika, you as an actor have given a lot of memorable performances but this one will stand out your confidence and composure in your body language at the beginning of the film to the innocent little Afreen by the end of the film is beautiful. I hate you for being the Messenger between Ram and Sita”, the actor added, describing Rashmika’s captivating role in the film.

Expressing his love towards hero Sumanth, Sai wrote, “Sumanth Anna you have out done all your performances. My favourite till date was Malli rava but today I have a new favourite”

“Vishal Chandrasekhar, you poured life into the movie. Your music was shooting and it was one of the reasons why I could feel the love in the theatre”, the actor added.

Finally, sharing his fondness for the heroine in a funny way, Sai wrote “Sita, an arrest warrant has been issued on your name. Please comply with the authorities and please don’t run again. Many hearts are bleeding already. Please please have some mercy and before I forget I hate you”.


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