Kantara Actress To Make Her Tollywood Debut Soon

Actress Sapthami Gowda rose to prominence with her standout performance in the Kannada film “Kantara,” where she starred alongside Rishab Shetty. While she initially debuted in 2020 with “Popcorn Tiger Monkey,” it was her role in “Kantara” in 2022 that truly catapulted her into the spotlight within the industry. This thriller-action film garnered widespread acclaim, earning an impressive 8.2 rating on IMDB.

Sapthami Gowda Tollywood Debut

Sapthami’s stellar performance in the movie garnered her widespread acclaim, opening doors to numerous opportunities in the industry. Now, there are rumors suggesting that she’s eyeing a debut in the Tamil film industry alongside Nithin Kumar Reddy.

As details about her role in the Tamil film remain undisclosed, Sapthami is diligently preparing for the project by undergoing horse riding lessons. The contract for the film has already been signed, and shooting is scheduled to commence shortly. With her talent and determination, Sapthami is well-positioned for continued success as she ventures into new territories within the Indian film industry.

Sapthami Gowda, who gained popularity by starring opposite Rishabh Shetty, is actively seeking new film opportunities. Her role as Mooguti Sundari, which resonated not only with Kannadigas but also with speakers of Parabhashe, in the movie “Vaccine War,” marked her entry into Bollywood.

Initially debuting in the film industry with “Popcorn Monkey Tiger,” Sapthami had dreams of pursuing further studies abroad. However, her destiny took a turn when she landed a role in the movie “Kantara.” Now, a slew of movie opportunities has come her way. Apart from “Vaccine War,” she has signed up for three Kannada movies, showcasing her rising popularity and demand within the industry.

Nithiin Next Film

In her upcoming project, “Thammudu,” Sapthami will portray the female lead opposite Nitin. Having garnered recognition among Telugu audiences during the promotions of “Kantara,” she is now set to make her debut in Tollywood with this straight movie.

Recently, there has been a trend of Kannada actresses actively venturing into Telugu cinema. Initially, Rashmika Mandanna‘s name made waves, followed by Srilila. Now, Sapthami Gowda is also set to test her luck in the Telugu film industry, further solidifying the cross-industry appeal and talent of Kannada actresses.


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