Santhosh Sobhan Says Prabhas Will Love Kalyanam Kamaneeyam

Young hero Santhosh Sobhan made his way into the industry by choosing different concepts and unique films. This young hero is the son of director Soban who gave us movies like Bobby, Chanti, and Varsham.

During the early stage of Santhosh Sobhan it is said that Prabhas helped him the way he can to get this young actor on board with UV Creations, it is said that Prabhas suggested Santhosh’s name to UV creations. Director Sobhan gave Prabhas his first blockbuster varsham which is a turning point in his career during his early career along with that Prabhas had a good friendship with Sobhan.

Santhosh as a fanboy always looks up to Prabhas. During his recent interview regarding his upcoming movie Kalyanam Kamaneeyam, he said that “Kalyanam Kamaneeyam is simple but it’s a rateable and loveable film with a gray deal of emotional connect. It’s a special film for me in many ways.” He also added that he didn’t get any chance to meet Prabhas after his recent film Like, Share, and Subscribe. Whenever he gets a chance to meet Prabhas, Santhosh is gonna show his movie to Prabhas and he’s sure that Prabhas will like it.

Santhosh Sobhan also said that he is always grateful for the help he received from Prabhas, and he’s always his fanboy. For more interesting content explore


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